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My name is Gummy and I'm a freelance digital artist from the US. Here you'll find everything you need when it comes to my art, like my Commission Menu, my Terms of Service, and how to find me on other websites!Thanks for checking out my work, cya 'round!

Terms of Service: Commissions

Please read! My Terms of Service covers the following:
~ Payment Requirements
~ Explanation of Work Process
~ Revisions Policy
~ Refund Policy
~ Artist/Client/3rd-Party Rights
~ Proper Credit

I. Payment Requirements

  • 100% Payment is required up front before the artist will begin work on a commission.

  • "Up front" is defined as either (1) when a client is placed in a slot, or (2) right before the artist begins work once the client has been reached in queue. The choice between the two is left to the discretion of the client.

  • All commissions must be paid in USD unless noted otherwise.

  • The artist will always ask the client to pay for commission(s) via a direct invoice on PayPal.

  • The artist will never ask the client to pay through other payment processing apps or 3rd-parties such as Venmo, CashApp, or Boosty.

II. Explanation of Work Process

  • Turnaround time for the commission will be within 2 weeks of payment OR within 1 week of the last completed order if the client is second+ in queue.

  • Turnaround Time Exceptions: (These commission types require more time to complete): References, Character Designs, Paintings.

  • The artist will open a varying amount of slots periodically for commissions, and will not take any more slots until the current round is completed.

  • A client may occupy 1 slot per round.

  • A client may order up to 2 pieces in a slot.

  • Before a commission order will be accepted, the artist will ask for confirmation that the client has read and agreed to these Terms of Service (TOS) in full.

  • Once a commission order has been accepted, the artist will give the client a form to fill out along with a few questions about the subject of the commission to gain a better understanding of what the client is looking for.

  • The artist will ask about the clients preferred method of contact (Discord, PM, email, etc).

  • The artist will deliver at least One (1) clean work-in-progress (WIP) per stage to the client for approval to ensure satisfaction with the composition of the artwork.

  • Upon delivery of the WIP, the artist will ask the client if any revisions need to be made before proceeding further.

  • The final artwork will be delivered as an unwatermarked PNG. Watermarked formats available at request of the client.

  • Turnaround delays can and will happen. I as the artist will ensure proper communication of any unforeseen or expected delays.

III. Revisions Policy

  • All commissions are allowed free revisions by the artist (regardless of stage) for the following: Missing details, incorrect marking placement, and very small fixes.

  • If the sketch has not been approved by the client, changes (such as a different pose, outfit, expression, etc.) are free within reason.

  • If the sketch has been approved by the client, changes (such as a different pose, outfit, expression, etc.) will be charged a $10 Large Revision Fee. The application of the fee is not automatic, and will be left up to the clients discretion whether or not to move forward with large revisions after being reminded of the fee by the Artist.

IV. Refund Policy & Tips

when seeking a refund, tell the artist you would like one directly and politely via your chosen contact method. why you want it doesn't have to be included. the artist will discuss with the client how much of a refund will be given for cancellation depending on the progress of the commission at the time of the request, based on the criteria below:

  • Not Started: 100% Refund.

  • Sketched: 50% Refund. Client keeps the cleaned-up sketch and the Artist makes no further progress on the art.

  • Lined, Colored, or Shaded: No Refund. Client will receive the finished artwork as originally agreed.

  • Cancelled by the Artist: 100% Refund. No further progress will be made on the artwork. Any WIPs delivered at the time of cancellation are considered owned by the client that ordered the art while the artist revokes rights to the work.

  • If a commission is cancelled by the artist, the client is welcome to outscource other artists or their own skills to touch it up or finish it. Artists permission is granted.

  • Tips are appreciated, not required.

  • Tips to the artist are never refunded.

V. Artist, Client, & 3rd Party Rights

the artist reserves the right to:

  • Use the completed commission as a sample in commission sheet(s) and commission opening(s).

  • Post the completed commission work in portfolios and business-related socials.

  • Claim the commissioned piece as their own artwork.

  • Refuse, cancel or refund any order for any reason as deemed necessary by the artist.

the client reserves the right to:

  • 1. Upload the commissioned piece to any site, with proper credit to the artist.

  • 2. Reproduce the artwork in physical means such as T-Shirts, Stickers, Prints, Mugs, Stationary, Etc. (Personal & Commercial). PLEASE NOTE: An art is only eligible for commercial rights if the subject matter does not include an Intellectual Property or Copyrighted Material. The artist shall not be held responsible for damages if one proceeds to sell ineligible art.

  • 3. Upload the artwork as an Icon, Banner, Digital Wallpaper, CSS Image, etc. with proper credit

  • 4. Use the artwork for display in content such as Streams, Debuts, Desktop Wallpaper, YouTube Videos, etc with proper credit.

  • 5. Request that I refrain from posting a commission if they do NOT want it uploaded to my portfolio and/or socials.

the client is prohibited from:

  • 1. Claiming the commissioned piece as their own artwork.

  • 2. Including the artwork in portfolios or commission sheets.

  • 3. Editing, modifying, heavily referencing, tracing, or generally making it unrecognizable as my work.

  • 4. Using the commissioned piece to train AI models or Algorithms

  • 5. Minting/Reproducing/Selling the commissioned piece as NFT.

Unaffiliated Third-Parties are prohibited from:

Unaffiliated Third-Parties are defined as any individual, group, organization, or Artificial Intelligence (AI) in which the artist nor the client have no material indirect or direct financial interest. Therefore, any person, group, organization, or AI uninvolved with the initial agreement and transaction between the client and the artist are considered an Unaffiliated Third-Party.

  • 1. Claiming my artwork as their own work.

  • 2. Using the artwork made by the Artist for ANY unauthorized purpose. Including but not limited to Roleplay, Kinning, Merchandise, Internet Icons, content-creation (i.e fixing art, art showcase, reuploads), etc.

  • 3. Including my artwork in portfolios or commission sheets.

  • 4. Reposting my artwork without proper credit, nor may the art be edited, modified, or repurposed.

  • 5. Reproducing my artwork in any physical means such as T-Shirts, Stickers, Prints, Mugs, Stationary, Etc. (Commercial & Personal)

  • 6. Reproducing my artwork in any digital means such as tracing, heavily referencing, reuploading, or recoloring.

  • 7. Cropping the artwork to use as an Icon/Banner/etc on the internet.

  • 8. Using the artwork for display in content such as Streams, Debuts, Desktop Wallpaper, YouTube Videos, etc without explicit permission and proper credit.

  • 9. Using my artwork to train AI models or Algorithms

  • 10. Minting/reproducing/selling my artwork as NFT.

VI. Proper Credit

the client shall provide proper credit to the artist when displaying the artwork publicly like sharing through social media.
Proper credit can be any one (or combination) of the following:.

  • Upload the Watermarked version of the artwork.

  • Directly link to the artist's Carrd or Social(s)

  • Ping the artist's profile via socials (EXAMPLE: If posting the artwork to Instagram, the client should tag the artist's Instagram Profile in the post.

  • If used in a YouTube video, link to the artist's Carrd in the description.

  • If used in a Stream, put "Art by Gummydoodles" as a visible footnote linked to the artist's carrd if possible.

DM thru Discord or Email
Discord: @Gummydoodles
Email: [email protected]

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